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1 Марта 2019

The Phoenix Rises out of the "Yoga of Despair" |

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Walls, fortifications, tall towers in the clouds
everything stone, metal, the strongest materials
supposedly for protection, though it also
serves as a prison to keep others from
finding and hurting the self, and keeping you and me
from our true pure soul, instead, confusing, confounding.

Relationships are meant as excavations of revelation
to bring out the real persons, behind the wall,
the more subtle veil, the fog and smoke of
self-deception, the soul plugged into the material
machine, the virtual reality, Matrix-like, forcing us
to believe our dramas, not liking our story, or anothers.

Can I express my truth and experience
so you will understand me really (do you want to?)
without your natural filter, lens or labels?
taking the time to know me with kind patience,
to try to go deeper than appearances
and let me into your guarded heart?

I want to do that for you as well,
naked as it were, with no airs, defenses
or any way to be separated and divided
without judgment, the critical eye
not trying to put myself above you but
as one serving another in love, acceptance.

Can we really talk, disarmed, fearless, open
heart to heart, soul to soul, love to love,
united in person, a vow to work together forever
to serve the most High, and others, to awaken
with no pretense, position to defend, no intimidation
only love, spirit of service and giving in joy.

So many ways people divide and separate themselves
by age, gender, social status, race, language, religion
likes and dislikes, and so many features of the body
all coming down to the ego’s identifying with those,
thinking it’s better, more talented or deserving
while blaming you, or your kind for it’s suffering.

Can we choose to not follow the conditioned masses
guided by limited prearranged stories of tragedy,
complicated drama with comedy relief, ordinary
selfish romance that strokes two egos when happy
changing in time to the opposite, looking again
for the same thing elsewhere, though history repeats
always seeing others or all matter are objects for “me”.

Stories of human beings who all want the same
things to be happy and avoid suffering, war,
death—why? to be happy, such a joke—my self or
family, people or country against another person,
family, people or nation—all illusion, violence
to the body and soul—the only hope is waking up.

I’m not an existentialist who sees no hope
but I just finished an epic, tragic war story
the Mahabharata, both sad, and sublime,
so my emotions have come out, reminding me,
there is some happiness here for good karma people
though it is mixed, the Vedic eye teaches us that
the soul is incompatible with matter, not belonging
here—the real solution is living in relation to that guiding Star.

Gita’s 1st chapter, “The Yoga of Despair”, for out of
the ashes of material despair & grief, rises the Phoenix,
like the sun rising out of darkness, spiritual instructions
of Krishna teach us we are not our repeated sad, imperfect story,
but joyful souls, part of the Supreme Beloved—taking
shelter of Spirit brings us happiness, all we may desire.

That is divine hope and faith that spiritual practice
with mercy awakens in us, bhakti staying power, amid our
attachments which define our material self, and variously
pull us down if we give them attention, since we go where
we put our faith and attention, so now, return to spiritual glory
walking in love and light, again being a true giver and friend.

This is the joyful ending the soul seeks—living happily ever after!

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